"7th instalment in the series. This time it’s about the long road ahead and the bitter realisation that it isn’t getting any easier and that in fact, with every passing day, the goal just seems farther and farther. This issue, much like the other, has 4 layers: images, colours, text and audio. This issue starts with black and white trees, the images represent my mind and the colours represent neutrality and emptiness. When the colours switch to gold and blue we have gone inside my (perhaps wrong) perception of the thing in my life. The colour gold represent my goals and dreams and blue represents the bitterness of the road. Each image represent moments of fear and hope at this moment in my life. The combination of calmness and quick movements are intended to unsettle and evoke anxiety. The audio is divided in three parts: the music which is an edit of "It’s natural to be afraid" by Explosions in the sky, I chose this song because of the sudden change in rhythms and the eerie feel of the instruments used. The second layer of audio is the original audio of the videos, I decide to leave it untouched to keep the natural feeling of the moment. The third and final layer of audio is a distorted voiceover which turn clear at the end. This is a speech by filmmaker George Lucas who is an inspiration to me. the distortion represents the words of advice that we ignore everyday, for however useful they are, at this moment they seem like just repetitions of noise. Finally the text  are the messages that we all need to hear in this moment of our lives, we know this words but we need to hear them as often as we can, if not our road falters. The final image is lef with it’s natural colours and the calm part of the music again with a much clearer voiceover. This is the real world where nothing is as hard as it it in my mind and the place we need to stay to remain sane and to keep going through this seemingly never ending road."

Issues #7 - “It’s Natural to be afraid, you are not there yet”

a film by Daniel Bañuelos

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